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Hello! I'm Jack, a software, graphic, and motion designer living in Los Angeles. 

Let's get real for a second. If you're actually reading this, you genuinely want to know about me, and I think that's really cool of you. Now, you can check out some products I've designed in my portfolio or see my resume. But you've probably done that already, and maybe you're tired of looking at things in frames. So maybe you want to experience what I'm like. Let's start by checking out this interview of me talking about leadership (not this), or if you don't have time to read, laugh at some poorly photoshopped leadership here

I absolutely love design. From filling rooms with legos when I was a kid to building giant film sets, designing experiences and creations fills me with such happiness. But I genuinely love exploring every nook and cranny of life. I'm an awful surfer, but I love it. I'm incredibly at home far off in the wilderness. I love making ridiculous videos, and I once was in a hip hop dance team with a mohawk. I love learning and challenging myself as a leader, and I am a big believer in extreme ownership, built to last, and having clear principles

Leading design specifically is one of my biggest passions. Not only do you need to get out of your own head and into the heads of your clients and customers, but you have to balance the opinions and ideas of your entire team and quickly prioritize what is most important. It's the one place where all your ideas and practices get to come face to face with the harsh reality of usability, retention, and engagement. And weathering these storms, I've been blessed to surround myself with people consistently smarter and more talented than I am. From artists and musicians, to illustrators and animators, I've had the great fortune to work with some of the world's best talent.

And I think what has helped me stand out as a designer and product leader is an objective outlook on myself and my situations. I've failed so, so many times that it isn't worth keeping track anymore. Sure, I'm here to brag about myself and show you all the "great things" I've designed and tell you why you would want to work with me, but I have plenty that doesn't make the highlight reel. As we all do. Remembering those mistakes and rising from the ashes has taught me more than any university ever could. Kitchen Wizard has taken years to get off the ground, and building from much of that experience, we got DoubleTap funded for nearly $10M in less than two months. My pursuit of a career in film didn't pan out as expected, but it molded me into a manager of large teams and tight budgets, and a creative problem solver. 

I truly love designing products. It's a career I'm unbelievably excited and happy to be in. I think I'm really good at it. But I know I have a ways to go still. And as I continue, my job is to help you take your vision to reality, navigating the complex web of product development. There's so much to juggle, and that's why it takes a people person who can see things objectively. I know my role well, and I know it's a team effort all the way to the end.

Let me help you get there. 



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