Helpkin Details

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Helpkin takes a unique approach to service sharing. Instead of rewarding users with useless tokens or low value perks, Helpkin keeps track of all the money you're saving by trading support for rides, babysitting, playdates, and more with your friends. Helpkin was designed for the busy mom and dad of fur babies or children who wanted to reclaim date night. By engaging with networks you trust, and determining trust levels for people that you can help or vice versa, Helpkin builds confidence in the people in your community that you can rely on. 


  • Joshia Gaume, UX + UI

  • Shar Ghoudsifar, Product Owner + Branding

  • Rocio Villalobos, Branding

  • Nichole Girard, UX + Branding

My Roles:

  • Head of Design

  • UX